Specialist in the supply and installation of all racking and shelving systems. Being able to easily locate products stored in your office or warehouse can significantly improve efficiency. Through our racking design services, we can create effective storage solutions to improve your workflow and storage capacity. 

Racking Safety Inspection

Enhance safety standards and improve efficiency with an in depth rack safety inspection. During this inspection a detailed assessment will be carried out of your pallet racking or storage systems and mezzanine flooring. Our safety inspections will check for any damage and ensure that you are fully compliant with the relevant codes and legislation. 


Specialists in the supply and installation of all systems of partitioning and suspended ceilings we can design highly efficient spaces to create privacy, sound proofing etc, creating a professional office appearance. Partitions can be made from a variety of materials including wood, glass or metal and they are quick and easy to install resulting in minimal disruption to your workplace. 

Project Management

Creating a new office space can be a daunting prospect. That’s where you need our expert project management team. Understanding what needs to be done and communicating this clearly is vital to the success of any office or warehouse design project. We will assign you a dedicated project manager who will work with you throughout, understanding your requirements from the initial ideas phase through to completion.

Office Refurbishment

A well designed office can boost productivity and increase efficiency and we will use our extensive experience to bring creativity and style to your office. After learning about your business, we will carry out an in depth consultation to explore how your office is used before issuing detailed recommendations to make the most of the space you have. Natural light is used in the best way and this is combined with stylish and contemporary design. 

Space Planning & Design

Realise the full potential of your office or warehouse with professional design. Large, open plan offices and warehouses need a different approach because the potential that they offer is so huge. We will carefully explore how your office or warehouse can be used, meticulously planning out the interior to deliver workable space that is right for your business. 

Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine floor is designed to expand your storage or office space within your current building so there is no need to re-locate your business. All flooring is fully compliant with the latest building regulations and we will make the process as simple as possible. 

Office Furniture

Whether you are looking for desks, storage solutions or seating, we will help you build an office space that improves the way you work. From bespoke office solutions designed for your office through to ergonomic desks and office furniture, we can help you create a unique and innovative office space that works.