Staff Dining Room

We were asked by our client to create a staff dining room or break area with a fully functioning kitchen where staff members could prepare a drink or a light meal during their break times. 

As well as having kitchen facilities, the dining area needed a suitable seating area where staff could sit away from their workstations. The design process aimed to create a clean, practical and welcoming space that the staff would enjoy.

Using our years of expertise our design team set to work creating a workable design that would perfectly meet the client’s requirements. The project included a series of stages in the refurbishment process and we carried out the following work during the refurbishment: 

  • Full refurbishment of existing dining facilities to create a modern, fresh and welcoming space 
  • The installation of a spacious kitchen area suitable for preparing drinks and light meals
  • New light fittings to make the space light, bright and airy 
  • Installing a new vinyl floor to complement the kitchen cabinets and worksurfaces 
  • Complete decoration of the refurbished space 
  • Supply of suitable furniture for a staff dining room including tables and chairs 

As we have worked in the commercial refurbishment industry for a number of years, we know what works. Our team have a vast amount of knowledge and experience and they bring a broad skill set to each and every project, ensuring that the end result reflects the clients requirements and exceeds their expectations. If you need more space or you are looking to refurbish your existing commercial property, contact our team today to discuss your requirements and see how we can help.